Les and Kerryn Lane ran a marriage workshop for my husband and I in 2014. We were at the end of the road, and working with them seemed like our last chance to fix our issues, or I felt we were heading towards divorce. I don't think words can express what happened over those weeks with Les and Kerryn. They were phenomenal with us… gentle, loving, encouraging and firm. They were led by the spirit, and often knew things prophetically that I couldn't even fathom. With their guidance and wisdom and amazing amount of support and grace, my husband and I finished the workshop with a completely new marriage. Something that I didn't realize was possible. People have asked me if the the Workshop great, and I always reply 'it was Les and Kerryn that were great! A course is one thing, but people like Les and Kerryn are worth more than gold, and my husband and I will be thankful for them for the rest of my life.