My husband and i had been married for 10 years when we met Les and Kerryn. Although we were fairly happy, I knew we weren't as happy as we could be. Les and Kerryn have helped us find our connection again. Through the 10 week marriage workshop, we have learnt how to speak to each other, how to put each other first, and by doing this, we are once again smiling and holding hands like newly weds. This workshop is by no means an easy road. We have found it confronting, challenging and difficult to face how our old habits have sometimes hurt our most precious person - our partner. if you are looking for a way to reconnect I can highly recommend this workshop. By committing to the whole 10 weeks,having an open heart and a promise to do your best to complete the home pursuits. I can promise you that you will enter into a whole new marriage - with the same partner you came in with! S & C