Marriage of Destiny Workshop changed my life in many ways but three stand out the most.


Firstly is being aware of the lies I have come into agreement with the enemy and breaking away from those agreements which were many and I am still seeking and recognizing them as they show up! So a lot of freedom in various areas which I thought was "all good"!


Secondly learning to talk through difficult issues by expressing how I feel and listening to how I make my partner feel without justifying my actions or attitude, just listening with the heart ( to the feelings) and apologizing from the heart.


And thirdly that Christ is the head of the home and our marriage my husband and I are joined / bound/ super-glued together on the side! This has lead to a deeper level of intimacy with God on our own and as a couple.


There has also been increased communication, passion and unity in our marriage since the course than in the last 6 years.


The beauty of MOD is that the lessons learned are also transferable across relationships it's nice to hear my sons say I will not come into agreement with that or how did that make you feel?!



Abundant blessings!

Anne Otyek

July 2016