After 26 years of marriage ( getting married young- so in love) and many many of life's challenges, crisis and losses, during that time it seemed that not a lot went right for us but determination in my faith I always believed God wanted better for us. When you and your spouse have differing outlooks on life the challenges seem to be harder as there is no one by your side rather almost waiting on the sidelines refusing to participate, life moves on and time seems to sneak past taking your partners joy for life, the disconnection grows as your relationship fades along with it. As if the trials are not enough on their own this double whammy of challenges can sharpen or dull your faith and your relationship. An ideal place for distance, avoidance, shutting down, bitterness, loneliness,heartbreak, disappointment, depression, resentment, anger, distractions and distrust to fester and bring in some more of their friends.  I really did not know if my husband would agree to do a course to help our marriage  but I knew we would not last long at all going on the path we were on. We have 2 very young children (miracles no doctor could provide) and they deserved better.

For us thankfully my husband miraculously gave his heart to God and a new opportunity was given to us, a new start in the right way but as we were new to this we needed help to guide us in the right ways of relationship with each other the way it should be. The baggage was in the background and we really wanted to leave it behind and not drag it around with us on our new journey.

Thankfully we were blessed with wonderful friends who arranged coaching for us as a gift with "Marriages of Destiny ".

There we had the pleasure of meeting Kerryn and Les who had the tools we needed so desperately. This did not come without challenges (and some I didn't want to revisit) however they needed to be addressed, re-dressed and reprogrammed  through the eyes of our maker, the way He had intended from the start.

This process was at times hard, revealing, healing and  regenerating, we grew and stretched in ways we would not have imagined and the connection and understanding between us grew and continues.

The most important however is the connection we gained with the Holy Spirit who ultimately guides us through our lives and relationship on a daily basis gently reminding us and replacing and depositing peace love joy patience and so much more to us while taking away past pain and his friends. I couldn't wait for our sessions, learning and fellowship.

My husband is changing into the man I had always hoped for. I hope that I to am a better wife and together we are becoming better parents and happy family. We have changed for the better.

For us it has been the best thing we have done and will continue to use the tools we have gained as it doesn't end there but grows under better, nurturing  conditions. Learning continues daily.

Kerryn and Les's ministry is anointed and guided by the Holy Spirit


C & Y